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Multi sport Mash-ups

Mash-ups are Fenom’s signature multi sport activity that not only teaches the fundamentals of each sport, but also safely introduces the importance of fitness. Our progression-based philosophy is applied to each class to improve participants’ overall skills and confidence. The fundamental techniques of running, jumping, throwing, catching and dribbling are some of the activities that participants engage in. Mash ups are ideal for individuals who are beginners to a sport or need overall skill building in order to succesfully participate in their sport of choice. These classes are offered in 45, 60 or 90-minute sessions and are modified by age and ability. Classes consist of a maximum of 12 participants. Drop-ins for classes are only permitted based on availabilities.

For Grades Pre-K through 8

$300 per 12 week package or $30 per individual 45 minute class
$330 per 12 week package or $35 per individual 60 minute class

Customize a Class
If you are able to put together a minimum of 8 participants, Fenom allows you to have a customized private class with your choice of activities, times and coaches.



Looking to improve your skills in a specific sport? Fenom offers sports specific 60 minute clincs that combine skill development and athletic training for boys and girls of all ages. Fenom's highly skilled staff works along in collaboration with local accomplished coaches who provide the ultimate skill building experience in sports such as basketball, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, softball and even rugby!

For Grades 1 thru 8

$420 per 12 week package or $40 per individual 60 minute class



Our popular FENOM Warrior Class helps kids prepare and succeed in future Spartan and obstacle course based competitions. Participants are trained by accomplished Spartan racing athletes that utilize our custom outdoor course, our 65 foot inflatable indoor obstacle course, our RailYard obstacle course system (pictured left), along with other specific equipment. In this program, participants are taught how to safely execute specific obstacles in age appropriate groups.

For ages 6 and up

$360 per 12 week package or $35 per individual 60 minute class


Toddler/PRE-K Programs

Our carefully constructed toddler classes are built to encourage and introduce young minds and bodies to physical activities and sports. Classes are designed to develop motor skills as well as teach the basic concepts of following directions and working together in a group setting.
For ages 3 - 5

$450 per 12 week package or $45 per individual 90 minute class



Our Bike/Blade Lessons have been featured in several publications including the NYTimes!

Bike Lessons

Take the stress and backpain out of teaching your child how to ride a two-wheeler. Register for private bike lessons using the proven Fenom method that will teach the neccessary skills needed to ride a bike such as, balancing, starting, stopping, steering, and how to navigate local streets. The "Bike Whisperer" will have your child riding within an hour. You must bring your own bike and helmet. NO training wheels!

Rollerblade Lessons
Learn the fundamental skills needed to roller blade and how to play roller hockey. Participants will be taught how to properly balance, wedge walk, glide, heel stop, turn, etc. You must bring your own rollerblades, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guard and helmet!

For ages 5 and up

$95 per individual 60 minute session or $450 per 5 session package


"Aresh never pushed the seat or held on to the handle of the bike. He's like a horse whisperer. Five minutes after he started with Aresh, my son was riding. Anything can be explained well by someone. Aresh is like a calm, measured parent, not like the kid's parent." - K. Watts (From New York Times Article)